Fortum SmartLiving

we are creating a smarter future for buildings, homes and people. our mission is to make people’s lives easier, increase wellbeing and provide a better future for our planet by making buildings and homes smart.

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Next generation service

smartliving is our intelligent, all-in-one saas solution for apartment buildings

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One service for all building management needs

3d杀和尾 our solution increases and protects real estate value and saves both money and the environment

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Easy living & peace of mind

3d杀和尾 we make living more comfortable, safe and sustainable

SmartLiving is our digital all-in-one solution for apartment buildings.3d杀和尾 It takes care of the building for you - saving electricity and water while keeping costs in check. SmartLiving makes living more comfortable and safer while promoting sustainable values and consumption behaviors. It increases the value of individual homes and the whole building, and decreases the risk of damage to the property.

Sustainable values are at the core of SmartLiving. We offer a concrete solution for increasing the energy efficiency of buildings and promoting conscious consumption of electricity, water and heat. Sustainable living choices are often also the most cost-effective, and with SmartLiving they can be achieved without compromising living comfort.

Our SmartLiving solution is flexible and adaptable. It connects to other building and home systems through open interfaces. It can be fitted into the needs of apartment buildings of all types and ages. Continuous development and automatic software updates make the solution future proof. 


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