Demolition and renovation demolition

3d杀和尾 we handle large-scale total demolition or renovation demolition projects, industrial demolition and harmful substance removal with professionalism.

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Economical benefits

we handle industrial demolition projects according to the client’s needs both efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner.

双色球走势图2浙江采3Demolition and renovation demolition | Fortum
Environmental benefits

with fortum in charge of the demolition work, you can be sure that all the demolition waste is treated sustainably.

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Safety benefits

during the removal work, we pay special attention to protecting the employees and the environment, as well as the complete removal and disposal of the hazardous substances on-site.

Demolition and renevation demolition

Demolition and renovation site materials

total demolition projects include:

  • Demolition planning
  • Applying for permits
  • Demolition of buildings and structures
  • Construction waste reuse, recycling and disposal
  • Remediation, reuse and disposal of contaminated soil
  • Remediation and treatment of contaminated water
  • Construction of new infrastructures

we can provide appropriate and efficient tools as well as adequate resources for all demolition needs. we can react to changes in a way that does not compromise our customers’ plans for further use of the given site.

Tailored industrial demolition

such projects include:

  • Partial and total demolition
  • Removal of harmful substances
  • Tank, equipment and boiler demolition
  • Stack demolition

3d杀和尾we take the special requirements of renovation demolition into account. we prepare in advance for the changes of plans, which we often face at renovation sites, in order to maintain the overall project schedule.

3d杀和尾building parts in current use are carefully protected against dust and mechanical damage. the demolition site is always carefully cleaned before being handed over to the client for further construction or other use. we also perform renovation demolition at architecturally protected sites.

Safe removal of hazardous substances

fortum is authorised to perform asbestos removal and dispose of asbestos waste at our reception centres. work plans are always drawn up in writing for hazardous substance removal projects and submitted to the authorities in advance.

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