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13.40 eet

Life in the technology hub of the world – My time at Valo Ventures in Silicon Valley

depending on who you ask, silicon valley is where you either make or break your business idea. to me, it offered a unique opportunity to learn about the world’s largest startup scene and bring some of the most recent know-how from the us back to finland.


09.17 eet

Rwanda turns a new leaf in its energy strategy with services from Fortum eNext

in recent years, rwanda has been one of the fastest growing economies in the east african community, recognised by the world economic forum. it is also among the most stable countries in central africa. along with growth comes the need for more energy, amongst other things.


14.14 eet

Ready to run one of the world’s most efficient biomass-fired power plants

by operating one of the world’s largest and most efficient biomass-fired power plants, in england, fortum enext is not only implementing fortum's strategy but is also taking the uk a step closer to its goal of obtaining 15% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020.


14.02 eet

Fortum actively involved in COP24 in Katowice

the united nations (un) annual climate conference (cop) started in katowice, poland, on 3 december. approximately 30,000 representatives of countries and international institutions, non-governmental organisations and businesses from all over the world will be debating on how to achieve the goals set in the 2015 paris agreement. fortum is participating both in the conference programme and in world climate summit – investment cop 2018, one of the largest business side events of cop24.


12.18 eet

huaicw.icumits to produce carbon-neutral district heating in Espoo in the 2020s

espoo, with 280,000 residents, is the second largest and one of the fastest growing cities in finland. in 2017 the city of espoo and fortum signed an agreement to make espoo's district heating carbon-neutral in the 2020s. carbon-neutral heating is the single most important factor in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in espoo.


13.15 eet

A full-scale carbon capture and storage (CCS) project initiated in Norway

carbon capture and storage (ccs) is one of the most important technologies for combating climate change. fortum's ccs project in oslo can annually remove as much pollution from the atmosphere as that of 60,000 cars.


09.57 eest

The wind farm in Sortland, Norway, provides local revenue

fortum's wind farm at ånstadblåheia in sortland, norway, contributes to local jobs, tax revenue for the municipality and support for local measures.


10.42 eest

Clean energy and responsible nuclear waste management spanning 40+ years

3d杀和尾fortum’s loviisa nuclear power plant has produced clean energy since 1977. we invest in the responsible management of all waste, and, in fact, our nuclear waste management processes are globally advanced.


10.14 eest

Environmental work is part of responsible hydropower production

3d杀和尾hydropower plays an important role in our journey towards a cleaner world. solutions that are tailored to each water system to secure biodiversity are key in responsible hydropower operations.


10.57 eest

Two-way district heating

fortum was the first in finland to open two-way district heating network for all clean energy producers. by utilising waste heat we can together make the finnish energy system more sustainable, more efficient and cleaner.

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